iPhone Data Recovery Quick Start

The most important step for recoverying data from your iPhone is the Device Connection. If your Computer cannot recognize your iPhone you will not able to connect and recover your data. What do you need Essentially you need a Windows Computer, a genuine Apple Mobile Device USB Cable and your iPhone.

  1. your iPhone is connected to computer properly
  2. when you connect your iPhone to USB port you should able to browse it
  3. you have installed iTuned on your computer
  4. you did tap authorize your computer on your iPhone display
If you do not like or not want to install iTunes, you can use the iPhone Data Recovery Native Apple Mobile Device Driver. This Driver can be downloaded and installed automatically from iPhone Data Recovery top menu.


System Requirements

You need a Windows Computer with Operating system version above 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) and free space on your C drive.

If you are recoverying data from a 64 gb iPhone and your device is plenty of data, take in mind that all device memory should be acquired and transferred to computer, so you need disk space and time to perform a full scan. If you interrupt device memory scan results could be poor or less so be patient and take your time.

Needed Time For a perfect data recovery job make sure you have enough time to perform a full device scan


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