iPhone Data Recovery tour

iPhone Data Recovery is the iOS devices recovery tool, definitively.
its features are so cool to beat any other expensive forensic and data recovery tool.

Iphone Data recovery connection methods

you can get your data from your iPhone using two methods:

  1. USB Computer Connection
  2. WiFi Connection
  3. iTunes Backup Recovery

iPhone Data Reading Step

After connection is made and device is recognized, you will acquire iPhone Data.
The Memory scan process takes about 5 minutes, but it could be longer, it strictly depends on your Iphone data.
While scan process runs, all data will be copied on your computer, so take your time or results could be poor.

iPhone Data Analysis

When scan process is completed, you will gain access to all your iPhone Data.
Iphone Data Recovery will organize your data in content folders, so you will find easily all images or text messages as example.
All Data files will be placed in folder "Data Files" so you will able to find immediatly what you are looking for.
iPhone Data Recovery will leave all iOS original filenames, but they are self explicative, so do not worry.
All images and pictures are available as preview and in folder "Pictures"
If you need a deeper analysis of your iPhone you may want to take a look to iOS plist files, for those you have an automatic plist viewer or the Forensic Binary Editor to perform any data search in iPhone Memory.


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