How to recover lost messages from your iPhone

Any text messages on your iPhone is located on specific app database file and it's stored as a simple sql record on a database.
In most cases, iPhone apps use sqlite opensource database, a simple unique binary file.

How to locate Message Database files

iPhone Data recovery will organize your message database files on the left side under "text messages", so you will locate them instantly.
If you are using some unsupported app your message data will be located on Data Files folder on left side menu, the filename is self explicative.

How To display Message Database Data

If your messaging app uses sqlite database ( this is the most common case ) just double click on database filename to open with Universal Data Viewer.
The universal data viewer will drill down data structure and will present the database tables, just double click on table name to display its contents.

How to find and recover lost data

Any structured database file cannot "undelete" data records.
So you should make it manually.
On the iPhone Data Recovery left menu, select desired Database File and with mouse right button select "open file in binary mode".
You will able to read the binary data.
To perform any search on datafile just click on lens ico or press CTRL+F to open the search box window.
Just type phone number you are looking for or message content text (eg. hello, or mark).
We suggest you to use sigle words for each sigle search.
Found occurrences will be shown on top side of the binary editor.



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