How to install Apple Mobile Device Driver

Apple Mobile Device Driver is essentially a Daemon service installed on system that let your computer to interact with a iDevice as your iPhone or iPad.
This service comes with a lot of libraries and iTunes automates its installation, so when you install iTunes in x86 or 64 bit this driver is silently configured.

You cannot connect any device to your windows computer without a running instance of Apple Mobile Device Driver, in a word your Computer cannot detect your iPhone or iPad.
Iphone data recovery comes with an automatic System Arch Detector and Package selector and downloader.

Please follow those Steps to automate the Apple Mobile Device Driver installation.

  1. Connect Your Device ( iPhone or iPad  ) to Computer
  2. Launch Iphone data recovery
  3. Press Connect Button
  4. Iphone data recoverywill detect your from your Operating System the correct working settings.
  5. Iphone data recovery will prompt for installing Genuine Apple Mobile Device Driver
  6. Select OK
  7. Iphone data recovery will download the proper packages from our cloud.
  8. Let download progess go until the end it will download about 50 mb
  9. Let Installer go until the end
  10. While installer is running your iPhone or iPad will light and sound
  11. Iphone data recovery will lead you on connect Window
  12. Disconnect your iPhone or Ipad
  13. Connect your iPhone or iPad again to USB port
  14. Press Connect Button
  15. Enjoy your data




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